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One-on-One Coaching

Not to be confused with mental health therapy, coaching helps responders create an action plan to create change in the way they interact with loved ones, peers and department leadership.

Carmen works with each individual in a private setting, identifying both organizational and individual strengths, and development opportunities. This results in better performance like improved leadership behavior and reducing burnout on the job. Our goal is to help first responders thrive, in and out of uniform.



We bring the coaching to you, helping your teams/departments learn to work together better, recognize signs of emotional fatigue and stress in others, regulate inter-personal relationships on the job and build tools to have balanced, healthy relationships in and outside work.

Group workshops address the structure and culture of a department, using first responder-specific tools, language and experiences to go beyond “the brotherhood.” Carmen’s workshops are a judgment-free zone where team members identify areas of improvement, then work through those challenges in a group setting. 


Public Speaking

Carmen weaves relatable stories, experiences and examples together for a personalized experience for first responders. From her first days as a police dispatcher to her current experience working with first responders ranging from police officers to veterans to emergency room personnel, Carmen has amassed significant, meaningful stories that showcase how to live with, not bury, the challenging experiences all first responders share.

Carmen brings her honest, practical and funny approach to first responder life to your next engagement, sharing personal and professional experiences to showcase how being a first responder never leaves you, it just leaves you better. Her topics include “mental toughness” and the toll it takes; how to recognize

when being responsive takes over your life; tips for a proactive life outside the uniform, and the pioneering future of mental health for first responders.

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